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dogempire Post time: 2013-10-12 11:36:39 |Show all posts
Edited by dogempire at 2014-11-16 14:23

Hello all, if you haven't noticed, forum activity has reached an all time high. (Sorry if my writing style bores you to death.)
Secret text here
With this in mind, it will be more difficult to ensure that all threads stay in the right section, as not everyone can sit in a chair all day monitoring the forum for misplaced threads or illegal threads, I also need to ensure you're familiar with the forum rules and other aspects to the forum.
Table of contents
  • Where to post
  • Rules
  • Useful thread checklist or criteria
  • Reporting Posts
  • Useful Posts Tab
  • User Groups
  • Rating posts
  • Polls

As you may know, the forum is split into 2 sections and both sections contain various subforums:

  • General Discussion
  • Official Notice
  • Little Empire Feedback
  • Alliance

Battle Tactics Discussion
  • Adventure
  • Task
  • Arena
  • PVP

1 Where to post

First and Foremost: SEARCH THE FORUM BEFORE POSTING I don't want to see 2 pages of people asking the same question.

As you know, there are various subforums in the 2 main sections (Information and Battle Tactics Duscussion) which cover a broad spectrum of topics with various threads in each subforum, a majority of these threads are in the general and LE feedback section. I will cover what each of these subforums covers in terms of topics.

General Discussion- Very broad, it covers any topic not covered by any section, this is where the majority of threads are located. Moderators are Crazyrage, man1sh, tygron, and dogempire.

Official Notice- Covers any official announcements such as updates, beta testing, and information about the new updates, do not post threads here without asking for permission. Moderators on the forum, who are man1sh and wesleyli1976.

Little Empire Feedback- Mainly for suggesting ideas you have which you believe can improve the game or make gameplay more enjoyable, also covers bug reports and questions. The moderators for this section are vietconger, Romus, man1sh, and deathmonger.

Alliance- Covers everything regarding alliances such as alliance battle tactics, clan instances, and any alliance based questions.
Moderators are xXDeszarasXx, tygron, cripshot, and vietconger.

MO9- Refer to the thread here for information on MO9, covers anything regarding MO9,
moderator is mo9support.

Adventure - Covers any adventure related topics and or questions including if you need help on an adventure level or if you have questions about loot. Please refer to the stickies for guides to The Seal and drops for both adventure modes. Moderators are Crazyrage, xXDeszarasXx , tygron, and dogempire.

Task- Covers any task related threads, there are no moderators listed for this section.

Arena- Covers any arena tactics, arena covers normal arena, arena challenge, and battlefield. No moderators for this section either.

PvP- Covers PVP tactics, battles, and formations. Anything player vs player is placed here.
Moderator here is xXDeszarasXx

Feel free to contact the moderators if you have questions not answered by any of the posts, but PLEASE do not ask any questions that can be answered by threads on the forum.

2 Rules

1. No spamming, spamming is anything not related to the thread or out of topic, also includes threads that have already been posted.

Examples of spamming include:
"-insert random emoticons here-""You see, the reason why you lost is because of the force of quantum gravity as it acted upon your Succubus's red dragon, you see troll cyborgs have more mass than a Succubus causing the dragon to gravitate towards the troll cyborgs thus disallowing your succubus to attack said troll cyborg."
Now you can write a complicated response every once in a while if you feel like joking around but add in a serious answer in the end in red or something along the lines of that. Just make sure you answer the question and not just post something like that. (Yes I know I've done something like this before, if its funny enough i'll leave it as it is. )

Please ensure your posts contribute to the topic at hand.

2. Do not post something that has already been posted. Please search the forums before you create a new thread.
3. No flaming or insulting fellow members. Unless it is man1sh.
4. Make sure your title isn't misleading, your title should summarize your topic.

For instance, do not post a thread titled "Cute kittens" and the thread is just a picture of Jsjsoor's face photoshopped onto a woman's head.

5. Ensure the color of the text you use is readable to other members. White or yellow text is discouraged. If you cannot read the text you may miss valuable information. Whoever posts Dogempire is awesome first gets rated for 2 mojo.

Taken partially from

3 Checklist to tell if a thread is useful

  • Answers a commonly asked question or offers the solution to a common problem
  • Is written well and is presentable, pleasing to the eye and easy to read. May include images if offering instruction or help
  • Is easy to follow in terms of instructions or its solution, good grammar and wording is easy to interpret.
  • Answers a question many forum members ask or may consider asking

Please note these criteria do not apply to suggestions since suggestions have a different criteria to be considered a good suggestion, useful threads do not have to meet these criteria but this is a good guideline for posting a useful thread.

Any threads that meet these criteria will have a good chance of being stickied, depending on how many people the thread helps, good examples of useful threads include:

Man1sh's Adventure Drops Thread
Deathmonger's Hero Builder
xXDemonXx's Gem guide thread
Eltryhard's Gem Farming Guide
xXDeszarasXx's 1 Try Dragon kill guide with Succubus
Dogempire's Seal Adventures Guide

I did not list all good threads but I did list some, while some of these are absolutely amazing, I included a variety. For instance, while my thread may not be extremely pleasing to the eye, but including a video as well as some notes is an example of good instruction.

If you do not wish to spend 6 months trying to get to a troll cyborg then post useful threads and they may get rated giving you extra points. Extra points means closer to cyborg and a useful thread, and a useful thread means a higher chance of being selected for beta testing.

4 Reporting posts

If you see any posts that do not belong somewhere or are breaking the rules please report them.

Report button is at the bottom left corner of the post, as indicated by the red oval in the below image.

When reporting a post please report the post number and why you think it is illegal. The post number is in the top right corner of a post.

Inside the purple box below is a simple report format, the red oval is where the post number is located.

Remember! Reporting posts helps forum moderators find illegal content, plus you can earn gold when your report is resolved!
Please be sure your answers to questions are correct, points may be deducted if a post is dead on wrong such as saying "VIP cards do not stack."

5 Useful Threads Tab

The useful threads tab is a selection of threads that the moderators believe to be useful to the general public, there are currently only a handful of these in this section, please be sure to check them out. The useful threads ta is indicated by the black star.

All useful threads are highlighted purple.

6 How to Improve Your User Group

User groups are determined by points, each point is equal to 1 gold.

There are 3 point types, there is gold , crystal , and mojo .

1 Gold = 1 Gold (Kinda obvious right?)
1 Crystal  = 5 Gold
1 Mojo = 75 gold (approximately)

Point value derived from the formula below:

Formula for total points:
(Total Points = (Crystal x 5) + Gold + (Mojo x 75) + (Online Time (hours) X10))
Translated from: ( 总积分=CrystalX5+Gold+MojoX75+在线时间(小时)X10 )

You gain points by doing the following:
  • Posting in reply to a thread (+5 gold)
  • Posting a thread (+5 gold +1 crystal)(Extra 2 gold if an attachment is added)
  • Reporting threads ((-1) to 3 gold depending on report (bad reports may make you lose points)
  • Getting ratings for threads (varies)
  • Voting on polls (+5)
  • Comment on an reply or an article (+5 gold)
  • Getting a comment on one of your replies (+5)

These are the main activities that can earn you points, the full list is below, but the actions above are a source of about 90% of all points here.

Here is the full table for actions that could possibly earn you points:
Action nameCycle rangeCycle times up to award*CrystalGoldMojo
Comment ArticleDaily400+50
Rate objectDaily100+50
Use applicationDaily100+50
Install applicationUnlimited cycleUnlimited0+50
Get commentDaily200+50
Write CommentDaily400+50
Create ShareDaily30+50
Poll VoteDaily100+50
Publish BlogDaily30+50
Publish doingDaily50+50
Get Guestbook MessageDaily50+50
Write to GuestbookDaily200+50
Visit other spaceDaily100+50
Daily loginDaily1+2+50
Video verificationOnce1+1+10+1
Upload avatarOnce1+1+5+1
E-mail verificationOnce1+5+100
Register by PromotionUnlimited cycleUnlimited+1+5+1
Visit PromotionUnlimited cycleUnlimited0+50
Upload attachmentUnlimited cycleUnlimited0+20
Add DigestUnlimited cycleUnlimited+3+5+1
Reply postUnlimited cycleUnlimited0+50
Publish postUnlimited cycleUnlimited+1+50

* Means how many times you can do something per cycle range, where cycle range is how long until you can do the action again for points.
Unlimited cycle means that there's no limit to how often you can do something for points. Diction on this thread is pretty elevated so it may be difficult to understand.

User groups:
User GroupPoints Minimum
Old Camel N/A
Middle Camel* N/A
Little Camel* N/A
Troll Cyborg 5700
Archangel 4700
Iron Wheel 3800
Shaman 3000
Wolf Rider 2300
Knight 1700
Mage 1200
Priest 800
Ninja 500
Archer 300
Troll 150
Footman 0
Zombie/Member -999999999

*Selection process involved, do not ask to be a Little or Middle Camel unless there is a recruitment thread posted that asks for anyone who wants to potentially become a moderator.

How to find how many points you have:

Look at the top right corner of the page where it says Money, this is the same as points.

Original source of some of the information here in the database which nobody apparently reads.

7 Rating posts

Yes, rating posts is an easy way to level up in rank on the forum.
Good, now all you need to do to win is to post a really weird or funny picture as the answer, first one to make a sarcastic yet humorous person like me laugh wins.
How to rate posts:

At the bottom of a comment click the rate button

When you click the rate button a menu will appear

You can select what you want to give to that person in gold, crystal and for Little Camels and up, mojo.

Please note that it is better to rate something than to say "I agree"

Rate a post if:
  • Post is very useful or instructive
  • Post answers a common question
  • Post has something that you can agree with and explains your point well
  • Good suggestion

8 Polls, Polls, and more Polls

Polls are a great way to collect opinions from other members regarding a tough decision, or maybe you just want to see how old people are, how many people play Little Empire on IOS, etc.

To create a poll simple go under the blue NEW button and click poll.

When you create a poll you can set the expiration date (Blue), add more options (Red), decide whether the voters get to see the results after voting (Purple) or set whether voters can choose more than 1 option on the poll (Black).

You can write options in the white boxes, but be sure to say what the poll is in the title, a poll with no indication as to what it's about won't get accurate results. Here's how a poll should look when you publish it. (Minus the blank space at the top)

Now that that's over, I want to address what I call "Stupid polls"

Stupid polls are polls that meet one or more of the following criteria:
-You already know what people will say
-There's no point to making the poll
-The poll makes people angry or incites some sort of rage
-The poll makes no sense (Not to be confused with what I'll call Red Herring answers)

Red herring answer- A poll answer that is meant to add a comedic effect to the poll, often added to make the voter laugh. An example would be derpy in the above poll.

Anyways "Stupid" polls will be deleted or closed, and if I'm feeling cranky I might deduct some points, I can't say the same for other forum mods.

Hopefully this helps the new members and the current members a little bit.

If you think anything needs to be added (for instance, adding another criteria in the checklist or if something is wrong) please post it here.

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ELTRYHARD + 50 Powerfull!
coolmkv69 + 50 Someone who cares about FreeMojo. Good j.
miichan19 + 5 keep it up! :3
Skeptically + 1 Biased towards Man1sh.
BearGrips + 40 Essential!
tygron + 20 + 80 Very nice! good job

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Skeptically Post time: 2013-10-12 12:01:52 |Show all posts
Yes! I see 5 relatively pointless threads which are very similar to each other daily.

Use magic Report

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Nospeak Post time: 2013-10-12 12:16:39 |Show all posts
Good job this should help keep people on track.
Waiting can be a pain sometimes....

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donate me :P

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miichan19 Post time: 2013-10-12 12:31:11 |Show all posts
lets hope all the players read this :3

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blooddragon1 Post time: 2013-10-12 12:50:59 |Show all posts
I feel partly good cause I'm on here, but partly bad as it's an example of a 'report' use. Is my thread bad, or was this a chance example?


hamedcorleone  nice  Post time 2014-09-12 23:08:49

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Troll Cyborg

Sitting in your kitchen, eating your food

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dogempire Post time: 2013-10-12 12:52:20 |Show all posts
Edited by dogempire at 2013-10-11 21:53
blooddragon1 replied at 2013-10-11 21:50
I feel partly good cause I'm on here, but partly bad as it's an example of a 'report' use. Is my thr ...

I couldn't decide what thread to use as an example, so I used a random thread with a reply with a rating.
If you read the thread I mentioned that reports are not always bad, you can also report a thread as a good thread and the thread might get rated or such.

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man1sh Post time: 2013-10-12 18:04:47 |Show all posts
Edited by man1sh at 2013-10-12 10:08


(a good example of spamming)
Selling Man1sh for $601 :( - Use my code CCAIP

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man1sh Post time: 2013-10-12 18:07:50 |Show all posts
3. No flaming o....
5. Make sure y....

Unicorn may have good grammar but he cannot count. Where is rule number 4?
Have 2 people ratedGold Mojo Pack Reason
dogempire + 1 Thanks for pointing it out!
ELTRYHARD + 10 lol

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Selling Man1sh for $601 :( - Use my code CCAIP

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ELTRYHARD Post time: 2013-10-12 22:56:00 |Show all posts
Spamming is not just one word replies. It can be long replies that make no sense. If other forum members cannot understand what you are saying then how will you be selected to beta test?  There is a lot of talking involved with beta testing. In the last beta, I think we might have had about 3000-5000 messages. We talked a lot.


dogempire  I'll be sure to add an example of this. Thanks!  Post time 2013-10-13 03:37:38
Don't make me send you to another dimension.

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Troll Cyborg

Sitting in your kitchen, eating your food

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dogempire Post time: 2013-10-13 04:03:49 |Show all posts
Edited the information, as it turns out do not report useful posts.

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